Try These 5 Secret Tips to Avoid Distractions When Studying Online

Try These 5 Secret Tips to Avoid Distractions When Studying Online

Try These 5 Secret Tips to Avoid Distractions When Studying Online

Do you find it difficult to concentrate when taking online classes? Whether you’re a seasoned online student or just starting out, these 5 tips will help you get the most out of those pre-recorded (or Zoom!) lessons.

1. Designate a time for your online class.

If you have the option of choosing your own time for online classes, make sure you know when you work best: morning, afternoon, or night. This significantly reduces your chances of becoming distracted.

2. Create a routine that revolves around your online classes.

Here’s one way to go about it:

  • Write down on a calendar all the online classes you’ll be taking this semester.
  • Consider the “blank” or available spaces on your calendar.
  • Fill in the blanks with the remainder of your daily activities. Don’t forget to schedule time for homework.

3. Inform everyone at home when your online class begins.

People are one of the biggest distractions. Once you’ve decided whether you’ll take online classes in the morning, evening, or night, notify everyone.

If they continue to distract you, put a sign on the door to let them know you’re not available.

4. Prepare a snack before your online class begins.

Nothing makes you want to eat more than boredom. Keeping a snack on hand helps to eliminate distractions such as hunger and boredom! But even so, it keeps you from going to the fridge and forgetting what your professor was saying.

5. Plan some stretching breaks in between online classes.

Moving your body every now and then, especially after an hour or two in front of a computer, sends more blood to your brain. The result?  You’re more energized and can concentrate much better.

These tips will help you ace and get the most out of all your online classes. Happy learning!

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